The Carribean Coast

I have one week left of this amazing adventure that has taken me all over the wonderful country of Colombia, and some of Ecuador. I feel that I am appropriatly finishing up at the top of the country seeing amazing beaches and jungle. Last week I spent four nights in the national park of Tayrona which has some of the most amazing geography that I have ever seen. Jungle covered mountains of the sierra cascade right down to the coastline where there is cove after cove of beautiful beaches and amazing rock formations. Currently I am experiencing quite a contrast in Cartagena, a tourist heavy colonial town. Cartagena was one of the first places, if not the first place, that the Spanish landed when they colonized South America. There is a beautiful old town surounded by a high wall. It is hot here and the economy is about 70 percent based on tourism. This mix is hard to deal with sometimes and I am glad that tomorrow I will be on my way back to Santa Marta, near Tayrona, and then back to Medellin for a few days before I fly home. Although I will definately enjoy the last week that I have in Colombia, I am ready for that flight home to Seattle no matter how cold and rainy it might be. Looking forward to seeing you all.



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