I have made it to a small beach town called Canoa on the coast of Ecuador. I took a chance and headed for a spanish school here that has one on one tutoring and is on the beach. I gamble was worth it and now my days consist of the following. At 8:00 i wake up in my private room and walk out to my balcony. there i lay in my hammock that looks out to the ocean for a while before walking downstairs for breakfast with other the other students, mostly canadian. At 9 i have lessons with an old man named Jaime who is the father of the man who owns the hotel and school. The family, mother, father, grandfather all do lessons. There is also a girl from a nearby town who sits in on my lessons so she can eventually teach them herself. From 11 to 1 I swim or nap or lie in my hammock. At one there is lunch. After lunch again I swim nap lie in hammock or try to surf. At 4 I have another 2 hour lesson, dinner at 7 and more relaxing and hanging out with the other students. I will be here for at least a full week and will likely decide to extend my stay for another week afterwards, before returing to Quito for one or two days and then fly back to Bogota. Not a bad plan I think. I will try and post some photos soon, but it is hard to get to the internet here and there is a daily black out for one or two hours. All my love to everyone at home.


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